Sunday, July 8, 2018

Social Media Break

I'm taking a few months off from social media.

After Amazon banned my books, it brought me to a place of some deep soul searching. It made me think. A lot. And the only thing I'm certain of at this point is that I need some more time to think things through. But in order to do that, I need to get away from the many distractions that get to me every day. So, I'm stepping away from Facebook, Twitter, and my other social media accounts for a few months while I figure things out.

You can still contact me through email, Goodreads, or my website.

Thank you for understanding.


  1. Sorry to see you leave. I love your work and your one of the best authors I have ever read. Stay strong and know that your fans will be here waiting for you when you return.

  2. I don’t understand, why are they banning your books? I hope you don’t get discouraged from creating anymore as I LOVE your work. Take care and I will be one of the many awaiting your return. <3

  3. Im so sorry to hear this but will keep in touch via Goodreads. Everything happens for a reason even if we dont know the reason immediately Good luck in the future <3