Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Devin Questions

As a follow up to my question yesterday about what makes Devin so bad... Is there anything he could have done that would be worse than what already happened? What villainous activity could be worse than Devin's?


  1. Well, what you had in your original manuscript (can't remember if it made it to the final) about what he did to her right after she was born... And other things to young children. But if you want something that's not going taboo in that direction... There's the classic torture of animals - a lot of serial killers do that. Of course, a sure way to make people hate him is to have him kill the dog.

  2. Well you pretty much covered them all. Not sure anything is worse than repeatedly cutting out Anna's babies 😳 So maybe not worse but making her keep the baby and watch him "train" her the same way. Or if a boy, force her to initiate him

  3. I really don't think Devin could do anything WORSE to Anna. He did just about everything, including killing her, only to bring her back for more torture. I'm wondering what other people he tortured &/or killed prior to Anna being born? She wasn't his first kill, that's for sure!