Monday, January 18, 2016

The 80s...

I'm delving into Devin's past and have come to the horrific conclusion that it is totally 80s. So I need your help!

Show me your best, hairstyles, clothes, etc... (early 80s!)

Ugh, I hope y'all appreciate what I do for you! <3


  1. Lol I could never see Devin as a typical 80's guy! He was raised to be ruthless and dominating! So I would still picture him as a strong, lean, dark man!

  2. With darker hair, I'm almost picturing James Spader (a la Pretty in Pink)- with that kind of sociopathic allure... And he's listening to Cat People (David Bowie RIP), and maybe he drives a Benz or a Thunderbird. After all, the Devil must always arrive in style when he comes for your soul.